Nov 2014


On precarious labour.

The project proposes a large complex housing the forms of work that are developing today. From the free-lancer to the student, the evolution of work in metropolises is challenging the concepts of place and permanence, and therefore questioning the relevance of previous conceptions of property and identity. Immeuble addresses these issues by reviewing the concepts of Fordist and corporate spatial flexibility, and by adapting them to the needs of these labourer. It strategically places itself within and against London’s financial district Canary Wharf and subtly proposes an aesthetic approach to emancipation.
"I don’t believe another world is possible, because I know that all things superseded stick around and stink as unwelcome reminders of that we have to deal with. So another world is necessary but only built from the gutted hull of this one."
Evan Calder Williams, HM 2009

Diploma 14 - Towards Edufactory
Tutored by Pier Vittorio Aureli & Maria S. Giudicci
Architectural Association, London

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