Nov 2014

Monument to Peoplehood

On Sacredness in the Modern-State.

The project finds its ground in the thesis Spaces of Enlightenment : Abstract reality & Physical Utopia (Here). It argues that peoplehood is the fundamental value behind the establishment of the Modern-State. The most essential Modern liturgy is the very act of coming together as a people. The circulation through the Place de la Concorde in Paris is diverted and the square is framed by four monuments. By emptying it out, the perspective can be experienced, grounding the square in its city, but also reminding that the void is the spatial form of Modern political performance. The project states that the open public space is the sacred space of modernity, but that it also requires its opposite, spaces of privacy, to be activated.

Diploma 14 - Politics of the Sacred
Tutored by Pier Vittorio Aureli & Maria S. Giudicci
Architectural Association, London

Full Project, including thesis.
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