Nov 2014

Politics of the Sacred (Coming)
Book on the work produced by AA's Diploma14 for Politics of the Sacred.
Bedford Press, London, April 2014

The G()D Issue (Coming)
Article on the rituals and liturgies of the French Revolution.
ECOCORE IV, December 2013

Digital sociability
Article on the mutation of fundamental Modern concepts in the digital age.
Fulcrum #74, Septembre 2013

Spaces of Enlightenment
Essay on the physical spaces of the Enlightenments and the concept they produced.
Architectural Association, London, 2013

Scheerbart's intuition
Essay on the political project of the poet Paul Scheerbart through Glass Architecture.
Architectural Association, London, 2011

Point de folie
Essay on Derrida's text Point de Folie: Maintenant l'architecture.
Architectural Association, London, 2010