Nov 2014

Spaces of Enlightenment :
Abstract reality & Physical utopia.


This research is about Modernity's sacred spaces.

It finds its ground in the study of the spaces of the French Revolution. The enlightened bourgeoisie drafted the fundamental principles of the Modern State in the hermetic spaces of the apartment, the salon, the masonic lodge and the books circulating within them. The artificially seamless World formed by these rooms was condition to the Truths developed. There is a correlation between the conceptual form given to Reality by 17-18th century Republicans, and the characteristics of the physical spaces where this subjectivity emerged. Consequently, when the monarchy imploded, the Republicans battled to recreate the hypothesis to their belief: a (socially) uniform Reality. This necessity is noticeable in the practices of the Terror and the festivals, the general destruction of previous symbols, the representation of the celebrations and the Republican buildings planned at the time.

Diploma 14 - Politics of the Sacred
Tutored by Pier Vittorio Aureli & Maria S. Giudicci
Architectural Association, London

The essay here.
Full thesis, including the project Monument to Peoplehood which resulted from this research.
Pier Vittorio Aureli's PhD Program :
City as a project